Learning to live, living to learn
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The specialist residential school for traumatised children aged 5-13

Securing a future for emotionally troubled children

“An incoming government should redirect resources and inefficient spending into a dedicated and ring- fenced Early Intervention Investment Fund tied to the life of the next Parliament. Supplemented by private sector capital such as social investment,
this would be awarded to councils, healthcare providers, schools, the voluntary and community sector and other organisations with ambitious plans to redesign public services around effective Early Intervention.”

Early Intervention Foundation: “Spending on late intervention- how we can do better for less” –  Haroon Chowdry and Carey Oppenheimer February 2015

Foundation Degree
Places available in September for our two-year Foundation Degree in Therapeutic Work with Children and Young People.

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For referrals email Angus Burnett or call 07775 441730, 01865 300202 Ext. 222




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